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Cavaliers Fan

Cleveland Cavaliers Preseason Report 2014 posted by Cavaliers Fan

Unfortunately, missing on the playoffs, the Cleveland Cavaliers were quite difficult to figure out, from the start. The team had accumulated lottery picks for three seasons, which made them bring back Mike Brown, and they were confident in succeeding in the Eastern playoffs. Since the East lacked talent and depth, the Cavaliers had an easy task before them, but they missed it by eight games, finishing the season with 33-49. The team lacked consistency, and every time, it kept taking steps forwards and backwards by winning and losing several games in a row.

Before Luol Deng was traded in January, the Cavaliers seemed to have a good defense, but their offense was horrible and ranked 28th. However, acquisition of Spencer Hawes helped the offense considerably, and their rank jumped to 14th. The team had many requirements and objectives to fulfill for the offseason. They needed LeBron to come back and a new coach would have been ideal. Even though the Cavaliers had young talent like Anthony Bennett, Tyler Zeller, and Tristan Thompson, they needed somebody anchoring the rotation. Anderson Varejao had the capacity but had missed many games in the last four seasons.

Cavaliers had the number one draft pick three times in four years, and their choice came down to Jabari Parker from Duke and Andrew Wiggins from Kansas. The team decided to take Wiggins, who was a potential all-rounder, and would pair ideally with Irving. Cavaliers also picked Joe Harris who was a good shooter in the wings. Dwight Powell was also taken in, on a trade for Alonzo Gee.

Cleveland Cavaliers had the number one pick and they selected a possible future star. They also hired an excellent coach who can adapt to almost any roster and situation. Cavaliers might still have other big moves up their sleeve, which might include trading Wiggins for Kevin Love.

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Omari Prince

NBA Draft Recap posted by Omari Prince

This is a 3 part blog that I'll talk about regarding the 2011 NBA Draft

Last Thursday the annual NBA Draft took place in New Jersey and to nobody's surprise, the Cleveland Cavaliers took Kyrie Irving with the first pick. Coach Byron Scott played poker with the media but finally reveled his has when they drafted the former one & done freshmen from Duke. Why Irving was chosen first even though he only played eight games all year is simple: much like the quarterback in football, point guard is the most important position in basketball and they're an extension of the coach on the floor. Had Irving been healthy during the season, Duke easily defeats Arizona and most likely would have advanced to the Final 4 this past March. 

Derrick Rose and John Wall were the previous point guards selected first overall and are the leaders on their team. With the departure of LeBron James last summer, Kyrie Irving realizes he's no Lebron but he has to put the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers on his back. That's the cost of being drafted 1st overall. The verdict is still out if his turf toe injury is completely healed but when healthy, Irving has lighting speed, low turnover ratio, and extremely athletic. With this new team, he should not have any problem taking over the leadership (this team lost 26 consecutive games) since he hails from a winning high school & college program. Most scout are comparing him to Chris Paul but I see a more athletic Kevin Johnson in Irving. Remember KJ was a scoring PG who also dished 10 assist per game. 

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Randolph Charlotin

Refreshed Bench posted by Randolph Charlotin

Focus on the last names:






They were meant to be Celtics.


If Danny Ainge stopped his trade deadline dealings at the two-for-two swap that sent C Kendrick Perkins and G Nate Robinson to Oklahoma City for Green and Nenad Kristic, then fan dread over Boston’s chances in the playoffs would be understandable.


But Trader Dan was far from done. Often with Ainge, he makes a deal with complementary moves in mind. The two trades that followed Perkins’ departure cleared room for productive veteran players on the bench and improved versatility.


Celtic fans have a tough time accepting change from a winning formula. Perkins was the anchor in the middle of the defense, an intimidator that protected the paint from intruders. The Celtics hung their hat on being a physical defense-first team and was the cornerstone.


Health permitting, Boston could had claimed their NBA-record 18th championship. But health hasn’t been on the Celtics’ side this season. Already down are the two O’Neals (Jermaine and Shaquille) and G/F Marquis Daniels. Ainge decided not to wait and hope for modern medicine.

 Upon arrival Kristic was in the starting lineup and Green came off the bench. Regardless of their performance (they helped the Celtics win against the Los Angeles Clippers), they were available to play, which is something Perkins and Daniels can’t do right now. Perkins is expected to miss his first two to three weeks while Daniels might not play another game this season.

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Joe Franciosa, Jr.

Dice-man rolls 7, C's just roll. posted by Joe Franciosa, Jr.

No walks.

 Matsuzaka, the pitcher who up until now had presumably preffered to pitch from the stretch, put no runners on base. He pounded the strike zone. He gave up only one run in the 6th. He pitched like the Dice-man that was advertised in '07. If he can do that consistently, the Sox will have the pitching staff that folks expected coming into this season.

Meanwhile, the Celtics essentially played by themselves in Cleveland. Lebron was all but absent from this game. 0-4 in the first half. Staring off into the crowd during team time-outs. Appearing winded on the court. Removing his "protective arm sleeve" and still throwing up LeBrick after LeBrick.

 Now, the rest of the Cavalier team was not doing much to help its MVP star. Delonte West was a non-factor. Mo Williams is a former All-star and he wasn't hitting shots. Shaq had 20 points, and almost took out Glenn Davis when he landed on Shaq's foot after coming down from a jump shot.

 Meanwhile, the big 3 scored 64 of the C's 120 points. Pierce finally warmed up and ended 3 assists shy of a triple double. Garnett hit key shots to stop a Cav's run. Ray Allen was just deadly from beyond the arc. Rondo didn't have a huge game, but he didn't have to. Indeed, he sat longer in this game than he did the entire rest of the series.

 So now that series comes back to Boston. The good news is that the C's are 31-1 when up 3-2 in a seven game series. The bad news is that one loss came just last year against the Orlando Magic. Of course, Garnett was out for that series, and Rondo did not have the experience he does now. Look for the Celtics to come out strong. And for you lucky fans who will be in the Garden Thursday night. You better be cheering and yelling as loudly as I will be at my television set.

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Joe Franciosa, Jr.

The Tri-fecta, the Trinity, TGIF for Boston Sports. posted by Joe Franciosa, Jr.

Red Sox vs. Yankees. Celtics vs. Cavaliers in game 3 of a 1-1 series. Bruins vs. Flyers in possible series sweep.

There are so many story lines for this Friday night in Boston Sports.

Red Sox: You just swept the Angels. The Angels have problems of their own, being staked to a 4-0 lead after the ist inning thanks to the Dice-man's proclivity to gamble on his pitches. I understand that the Japanese strike-zone is different than MLB...but Dice-dude, you've been here 3 years now. I know you can speak English. You have to at least understand it, or else what exactly is V-mart and his own heavy accent conveying to you when he goes to chat on the mound after you walk 3 straight? What does John Farrell say while the umpire walks all the way out to the mound to break the conversation up. That's always a great way to get on the Ump's good side. Throw a ton of balls, and then make the Ump actually walk the 60'6" to the pitchers mound. In any event, the Sox offense again came up huge. The Angels certainly helped, but at this point we'll take whatever help we can get. On a 4 game win-streak, Bring on the Yankees!

Celtics: You have the momentum. Keep it. Don't come out flat. Don't wait for the crowd to get you going. Get the crowd going and you'll get yourselves further into the play-offs. The Cav's think they have the experience and the talent to finally get Lebron a ring. If Lebron is at 80%, and the rest of his team can't pick up any of that other 20%, do they really deserve to advance? Celtic basketball is better than Cavalier basketball. Enough said.

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Joe Franciosa, Jr.

C's, B's, and Sox! Oh My! posted by Joe Franciosa, Jr.

After a nightmare weekend for all the Boston teams (except the Bruins, who barely managed an over-time win)...It was good to see the Red Sox remember that Fenway is a hitters ball park on Monday night. It was good to see the Celtics infuriate the Cleveland fans, instead of infuriating me by blowing a ten point fourth quarter lead.

 Ok, so they almost blew a 25 point lead instead, but the very fact that they had double digit leads in the fourth quarter of both home games against the Cavs should suggest who is the better team. However, as the Cavs haven't had a chance in the Garden yet, I'll just say that the Celtics Should beat the Cavs.

 Rondo is playing out of his mind, with 19 assists that led to 45 points in game 2. His energy is the engine of this Celtics team. Rasheed Wallace also remembered how to be a factor in a play-off game. If we continue to see that consistency of effort (and a 7-8 night) then the Celtics bench again becomes a factor, and it will be difficult for any team (with perhaps the exception of an extremely deep Magic team) to beat the Celtics.

 Beltre, congratulations on your first Red Sox home run. People are all over Ortiz because he's not hitting home runs, and Beltre waits until the month of May to hit his, and no one thinks twice about it. Go figure. Then again, Ortiz went 0-4. Ya. Apparently my Big Sloppy speech wasn't motivating after all. I still say he just needs more mango-salsa.

 So with the Angel's floundering, and the Cav's hanging on Lebron's elbow, I feel pretty good about Boston sports for the next few days. We'll see if that tone doesn't change once the Yankees come to town...but I really believe this is just the test the Sox needed to prove to themselves that they're back on track, and ready to become the team we've all come to expect.

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Joe Franciosa, Jr.

The Truth in Miami posted by Joe Franciosa, Jr.

The Miami Heat had a foul to give, and Paul Pierce still intimidated his defender enough to dribble within the arc and take a shot that was so clutch in this series it gave me the chance to shout, "Miami can't  handle The Truth!".

In reality, Miami would probably have lost if the game had gone to over-time. With Dwayne Wade on the Heat bench after landing awkwardly on Ray Allen's foot after taking an ill-advised 3, it was apparent that the Heat would eventually lose this game. That's despite the Heat's bench outscoring the C's bench 31 to 10. Of course, aside from Kendrick Perkins having a cold night, the other four Celtic's starters looked like they wanted to just get this Heat series over with.

 So now the C's are up 3-0 in the series, and they're actually one game away from not just sweeping the Heat in 4, but sweeping them in 7 if the regular season games are taken into account. That means that this aging team will have a few extra days off before the probable Cavalier's match up in the second round. The Cav's were foolish to let the Bulls win a game. After the grueling 7 game series the C's had against the Bulls last year, we're all too aware of how tenacious that Bulls team can be. They're young, but they don't quit, and I'm willing to bet they take the Cav's to at least game 6 now.

 So Garnett has already rested a game because of his suspension (that ended up being a blessing in disguise, as Garnett really played with his old intensity last night. The fall-away baseline jumper? Vintage Garnett, and its because his legs were fresh.) So, if Wade's injury is more serious than just a muscle cramp, and he is out for game 4, this series is over and done with. That will give the rest of the Celtics time to rest up, and come at the Cav's with the full fury of a Boston team that's sniffing another banner.

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Brad VanFossan

This could be Turner's Tourney posted by Brad VanFossan

Please disregard the website title as this is not Indians related, thanks.

This could be Turner’s Tourney

By Brad VanFossan

Work hard, play smart, play tough, keep your mouth shut, and let things fall into place. There aren’t too many young athletes who heed this advice, but that’s exactly what Ohio State’s Junior leader Evan Turner did. Amazingly, Turner arrived at Ohio State somewhat under the radar.

In 2007-08 Evan Turner came onto the scene in Columbus as a freshman in the shadows of fellow freshman and highly touted recruits Greg Oden, Mike Conley Jr., and Dequan Cook. Those three highly touted recruits ended up leaving after one season at Ohio State to become first round draft picks in the NBA, with Oden being the first pick overall.

The talented but less hyped Turner became the leader of a fairly inexperienced Buckeyes team as a sophomore and has not only taken the wheel, but has floored the gas in that role ever since.

Turner won the Big Ten Conference scoring title and Big Ten Player of the Year award in that 2008-09 sophomore season. Despite his personal success, the Buckeyes were upset by Sienna in last year’s NCAA Tournament, at the same time the Cleveland State Vikings shocked the world with their upset of Wake Forest. The first round loss having left a bad taste in Turner’s mouth, he passed up on the greener pastures of the NBA and returned to Columbus seeking redemption.

A funny thing happened on the path to redemption: another chance at redemption. On December 5, 2009, Turner fell and hit the ground hard after a dunk during a game vs. Eastern Michigan and suffered transverse process fractures of the second and third lumbar vertebra in his back. Turner was supposed to miss eight weeks and his and Ohio State’s season of promise turned into an almost Cleveland sports like curse. A bleak outlook was an understatement. As amazing as it is to think now that Evan Turner came to Ohio State as arguably the fourth best recruit, even more amazing was his recovery and return to play.

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Bryan Leinart

Pistons player has Seizure posted by Bryan Leinart

During the final moments of the 3rd quarter, Rodney Stuckey has a seizure during the game, fortunately for him that medical personel were standing by to catch him as he began to fall. in other news, Detroit held its own vs the cavs today, as a disillusioned Cavaliers team seemed to give up without too much of a fight. However since Lebron is in his last stages of his contract that could have a lot to do with it. Hey Orlando, Pick up LeBron and put him with Dwight Howard. Dynasty much?Continue reading "Pistons player has Seizure"

Colin Linneweber

Cleveland and Lebron will win its first championship since 1964 posted by Colin Linneweber

The Cleveland Cavaliers acquired two-time All-Star Antawn Jamison in a three-team trade Wednesday night. 

Cleveland, who has won 11 consecutive games and owns the best record in the league at 43-11, only squandered Zydrunas Ilgauskas and their first round pick to obtain Jamison. 

Jamison, 33, the fourth overall selection in the 1998 NBA Draft out of the University of North Carolina, is a skilled and rugged power forward who was averaging an impressive 20.5 points for the Washington Wizards prior to last night’s transaction. 

At this juncture, barring an injury to superstar Lebron James, the Cavaliers seem destined to easily waltz through the Eastern Conference and into the NBA Finals in June. 

James, 25, a three-time All-NBA First Team selection and the 2009 MVP, is indisputably the best player in the world today. 

Ever since he made his professional debut with Cleveland in 2003, James hasn’t been surrounded with enough talent to capture a title. 

However, with legendary center Shaquille O’Neal, 2009 All-Star point guard Mo Williams and Jamison, James now has the type of teammates that can win help him win the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. 

Presently, the only squads that are even remotely capable of competing with Cleveland are the Boston Celtics (33-18), the Orlando Magic (37-18), the San Antonio Spurs (31-21) and the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers (42-13). 

The Celtics, Magic and Spurs are all very solid teams. 

Nevertheless, in actuality, not one of those three teams can genuinely topple the Cavs. 

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